Solugen – A New Foundation

3 min readAug 16, 2021


New and improved look, same pioneering vision.

To use life to sustain life. That is our brand purpose.

With such momentous devotion to our purpose, we required an equally momentous rebrand that sends a message to the world of who we are. We believe that global solutions start at the molecular level, and that real change starts from the bottom up. That is why today, we are revealing our new brand that is our foundation of who we are, and what we stand for.

Our Brand Narrative

As we shaped a new visual brand identity, we also shaped our narrative as a company. At Solugen, we believe that molecules are the answer — just look at the world around us.

It’s easy to take for granted the molecules that make daily life possible. The threads that become our clothes, the composites that become our cars, the food for our food.

It’s even easier to overlook these tiny building blocks when faced with the epic challenges of a warming planet and growing resource consumption. But the smallest things have never played a bigger role.

At Solugen, we believe planet-scale change starts with the chemistry we use every day — which is why we’ve built the world’s first clean molecule factory. Fusing biology with chemistry and technology to make the materials we need to sustain life on Earth.

From bioplastics to bioperoxide, our impact comes from first doing no harm: no hydrocarbons, no carcinogens, no emissions. And the applications are endless. We’re making everything you consume — safer.

Start Small

Our new brand look-and-feel blends the worlds of rational and precise with humanist structure and tactfully used color and vibrancy. Every corner of our brand leads back to the building blocks of our world: molecules.

From the use of our S Molecule within our logo — the first molecule we made and sold — to the subtle nod to SEM in our image treatment, our visual identity supports our belief that change starts at the molecular level.

The life around us is complex, but everything starts from a single molecule, which is why we are bringing in dynamic imagery and textures that reveal the hidden world and its materials.

The final facet of our brand is the human aspect — that is, the why behind what we do at Solugen. To not only do no harm, but to actively make the world a safer, cleaner place. We represent this through our full-spectrum color palette and approachable tone to always connect all that nerdy stuff to real people.

Our new brand represents the endless possibilities of biotech and our unbridled optimism for that future — we just have to start small.